` Yasuo Sugibayashi - The Mask Of The Imperial Family – BVRLY

Yasuo Sugibayashi - The Mask Of The Imperial Family

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LFI007 - 12" Vinyl / LP

Lullabies For Insomniacs go below and beyond into the Japanese underground, compiling the first ever reissue of Yasuo Sugibayashi’s brilliant “rhythmic noise” obscurity, The Mask of The Imperial Family backed by cuts from his two equally obscure and similar sounding 7”s, all originally self-released thru his Mimic Records label.

Inspired as much by Brian Eno and David Cunningham’s studio works as everyday life in Tokyo, Sugibayashi pursued a wide reaching, rhythmelodic sound thru a Roand System 100M synth and reel to reel tape which cannily lived up to his intentions, recalling to us the hustle and motion of a perceived life in Tokyo at a time caught between echoes of tradition and the bittersweet tang of electronic futurism.