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V/A - R12: Contemporary Sounds of Tel Aviv (Compiled by DJ Yogo)


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2 x LP / Full color sleeve / insert

“Rothschild 12” operated between 2009 and 2017 in the heart of Tel-Aviv,
nearthe bustling intersection of Herzl street and Rothschild boulevard. It began as an art gallery and quickly became a popular relaxed café and bar. in its back room “Rothschild 12” hosted nightly live shows by a variety of established as well as up and coming independent musicians. Now that "Rothschild 12" has relocated to a new venue on Herzl street (where we are is located ;), it is time for a summary – a snapshot of the musical diversity which filled its walls – in the form of the compilation you are checking out. This musical summary of “Rothschild 12” brings together a modern remix to a pioneering Israeli-Yemenite disco number from the seventies, a bundle of colourful and psychedelic beats, a gentle and wellpolished pop tune, a song so frank it hurts that develops into a percussive devil's dance, and three tracks touched by poetry: a modern-electronic rendition to the groundbreaking work of an iconic Tel-Aviv poet; a spoken word piece based on lyrics by a renowned contemporary poet; and an electronic remix to a musician which has become one of the distinguished voices of Tel-Aviv's current younger generation.