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Suba - Wayang


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OFFEN 008 - 2xLP

Vladimir Ivkovic's OFFEN MUSIC release some Posthumous work by the legendary Mitar Subotic aka Suba. He was a Serbian-born musician and composer, set to become one of Brazil's most prominent producers until his untimely passing (in 1999, at only 38 years of age) when his studio in Sao Paulo caught fire. Offen Music have already released two albums by Subotic - under his other well known Rex Ilusivii moniker, but Wayang proves most interesting in that the latin polyrhythms that comprised the bulk of this alias are not featured on the album, as it explores lush ambient and electronic soundscapes instead. The album was said to be conducted in 1995, just shortly after Subotic produced an album together with his old Yugoslavian friend Milan Mladenovic under the project name Angel's Breath.