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PRZ - Somar EP


BH001 - 12" - LOCAL !

Bauhaus Records was started earlier this year by local deejays Amichay Matyas and Yogo, and is another example of the thriving Tel-Aviv underground music scene. Indeed the early exposure Bauhaus are getting, and the stellar work Gal PRZ has done on the first release speak to this.

PRZ’s EP opens with the titular Somar which consists of euphoric and extended bumping, dreamy, melodic house. While the B2, ‘XXX Files’, is darker and techno leaning, as arpeggio synth stabs give way to a building, relentless acid melody, the satisfaction of which characterises the track. Shrimp falls somewhere between the A1 and B2, a wholly satisfying peak-time acidic adventure. Loose and playful, the track is driven by an opening of slamming percussion and claps, supported by hazy melodies which set the stage for an alluded inevitable acid induced roof-thumping culmination.

It’s uncompromisingly fun music, the louder it’s played the better it gets.