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Beverly Glenn-Copeland - ...Keyboard Fantasies...


01SC - LP

Originally out in 1986 on cassette, ‘Keyboard Fantasies’ dives into the world of Beverly Glenn-Copeland at a musically-compelling moment for the Canada-dwelling American, who remains creatively active today as practicing Buddhist and transitioned male Glenn Copeland. Early recordings from the classically-trained musician were largely centred around folky jazz, be it her 1970 debut LP or the numerous vocal contributions to local Ontario acts. She also wrote music for Sesame Street among other Children’s TV shows.

Recorded in Hunstville, Ontario using only the Yamaha DX7 digital synth and Roland TR707 drum machine, ‘Keyboard Fantasies’ takes the inherent whimsy of her folk dabblings and applies it to a foresighted template of digi-new age and proto techno exotica.