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Qnete - Play-Doh Stories


777 Recordings put out this killer double-pack from up and coming producer Qnete, who ALSO appears to be behind our loved clothing brand 'Cant decide' from Leipzig!

This double EP covers many genres from ambient and more melancholic tracks to out & out winners and bangers !

'Hello, I am Qnete and these are my Play-Doh Stories. Some of them are already three years old and it feels like I've become somewhat of a different person since then. Still, I like to listen to them from time to time, thinking of how I was back then, reminding me of what helped shape me, what helped me become who I am now. Sometimes, I also get the feeling that it is not me who wrote the stories. They seem to seem unknown to me, just like they seem to you, because you are not me. Then I listen, and I know again.'